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Is Vichy an Iranian brand?

Vichy is an Iranian brand for export. Fabrics of Vichy products are of the highest quality from Turkey, Korea and China, and all sewing processes are done at the Vichy factory in the country.

What kind of clothes are in Vichy's portfolio?

Vichy has the widest range of formal clothes, including maxi, sundress, oval, skirt, coat, torso, chimney, tunic and pants.

Where can I see the design and model of Vichy clothes?

Dear ones, you can get acquainted with the style, design and model of Vichy clothes by visiting Vichy Instagram.

Instagram Vichy

I have a store / fashion house; how can I work with Vichy?

If you have a store or a fashion house and you want to buy wholesale from Vichy, you must first send us your information via the link below. The local expert will contact you within 72 hours.

I'm a consumer, where can I buy Vichy products?

Dear consumer, you can find the closest representative / agent of Vichy in your area by referring to the page of “Vichy agencies” and buy your favorite product.

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