History of the company

Vichy Trading Production Group has started its activities in the field of women’s clothing production and Teen Aiger since 1996 and is proud that as a reputable Iranian brand in this industry, it has been able to sell through its sales agents and stores. It attracts the attention of a large number of consumers throughout Iran and even neighboring countries, and as one of the pioneers of the Iranian clothing industry in the field of production and supply of women’s clothing, it has the honor to be the most important factor in its development. Attention to the needs of the young generation in the design of products, quality raw materials according to the necessary standards and quality control of manufactured products with proper service to customers. Variety of products and up-to-date products of this company, while benefiting from practical management and planning and paying attention to modern methods in the world to meet the needs of young people and adolescents, are important features of this collection. Relying on the slogan “Be the best from now on”, Vichy tries to design and produce women’s ball gowns with competitive quality and quantity, as it beautifies troublemakers and owners of taste, and in order to achieve its main goal, which is: It is always to the maximum satisfaction of customers, it will not stop trying. We consider our customers as our business partners and we believe that the pillar and foundation of our collection is based on the trust and belief of our customers. Therefore, we consider the customer to be the most important supervisor of our products and services. Financial capital needs the supportive capital of its fans. The Vichy brand has received a certificate of brand ownership domestically and internationally.

About Vichy brand:

The Vichy brand is derived from the name of a region in the south of Iran that, according to the available evidence, has been innovative in covering their clothes. For this reason, while maintaining the originality of an Iranian brand and with a global perspective, we have acted in a regional way. In fact, Vichy is reminiscent of a European brand, while it is based on a completely indigenous way of thinking and was not taken from other brands.
We believe that we can give birth to a reputable global brand and export it to many parts of the world for many years without any downturn. In fact, Vichy pursues an international approach, and therefore focuses on customer tastes, desires, and needs, and believes that “It will be immortalized by the choice of its fans.”